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Dentistry - dental Tourism in Albania


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Albania Dent is a structure that is dental , doctors in continuing professional development. Our dental center offers its patients the most modern technologies; na unit, digital Radiology, Dental for Ortopanoramiche, laser Dental surgeries, a Dental Laboratory within , allow us to meet all the demands for functional and aesthetic of our patients in a few sessions, ensuring the quality of dental services at low cost prices. Our many years of experience in the treatment of patients source the Italian has made Albania Dent reliable point of reference in consulting for dental care and the dental care.

Albania Dent will put you in contact with doctors established and specialized in dental implantology, bone grafting, ALL-on-4, Endodontics, Fixed Prosthesis, removable Prosthesis, Conservative Therapy, Treatments, Aesthetic dentistry, teeth Whitening, Veneers, dentali and, with an excellent knowledge of the Italian language, you will take care of you and together, you can find the best solution to meet your every need.

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Ksenon Dental Clinic

Carmine De Angelis

I have been to the POLES KLINIKA DENTARE KSENON DENT of Durazzo, great welcome from the medical and paramedical staff. Very professional, punctual, and attentive to the problems encountered. Implants inserted in a very short time by a surgeon of great experience, no problem next to the plant, maximum attention to restorative dentistry. A experience extremely positive.

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Annamaria Zapparoli -

I went there because I have spoken very well of the clinic. Good and well organized. Good luck to you all, have found the perfect solution to all my dental problems. Thanks

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I have been to this clinic about 4 weeks ago, staff very friendly, environment very clean. I was delighted with the work


Dany Aiezzo



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Dental care, find the health and beauty of your smile in Albania. Thanks al Albania Dent you can choose the best dental clinic, best specialists in the techniques of dental care you can trust for any dental work at low prices. We want our patients to feel comfortable, the rooms cosy and in a friendly atmosphere, each session begins with the smile our doctors, and ends with the smile of our patients.

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Services - Dental care in Albania

Aesthetic dentistry in Albania


The aesthetic dentistry allows you to eliminate defects and imperfections of the smile in a non-invasive way and without any contraindications. The clinical dental ofAlbania Dent, concerned with restoring the beauty of teeth and the mouth, by the insertion of veneers, also called lumineers, inlays and crowns on natural teeth or implants, and the application of dentures on the mucosa and/or plants.

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Dental Implantology in Albania

The implantology in Albania can be made in all the dental clinics associated with the'Albania of the Dent, in a short time and with affordable prices.

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Oral Surgery in Albania


The jaw surgery, also known under the name of oral surgery, is a medical discipline that deals with issues of dental care for which need a surgical approach.

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Dental prosthesis in Albania


Dental prostheses are used to rehabilitate the functions of oral of patients through replacement of natural teeth missing dental elements, artificial

Prosthesis replaces a portion or the entire dental arch and can be removed from the patient for the purpose of performing daily hygiene. The prosthesis can be partial or total.

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Dentists Albania


Our dental clinics in Albania are highly specialized consisting of a team of dentist doctors who are constantly updated about the novelties in the dentist's components.
The constant updating of technologies and materials used has made Albania Dent a point of reference that is always innovative and avant-garde. The friendly atmosphere, the warm and serene environment welcomes patients by providing them with every comfort.


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