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Maxillofacial surgery in Albania

Maxillo-facial surgery is the dental specialty that deals with the diagnosis and the surgical and therapeutic treatment of pathologies, traumas and defects concerning the functional and aesthetic aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the oral and maxillofacial cavity


The maxillofacial surgeon from Albania Dent treats patients who suffer from facial pain and malocclusion, who have suffered facial trauma, suffer from a tumor or from jaw bone cysts, or present functional or aesthetic pathological conditions of the maxillo area -faciale.

Temporo-mandibular malfunction

The temporomandibular joint, the small joint that connects the jaw to the skull and is related to the chewing muscles, allows the mandibular movements during chewing, swallowing or while speaking.

The disorders of this joint are relatively common and present a variety of symptoms; click (click) during chewing or at the end of a yawn, the impression of not being able to close or open the mouth completely or do it by experiencing pain, earache, headache.


The main causes of temporomandibular joint dysfunction - Dentists in Albania

the consequence of a trauma
the excessive contact of the teeth due to the habit of grinding them bruxism, especially during the night.
the displacement or dislocation of the disc between the jaw and the temporal bone cavity, its dislocation produces the typical "click", the trigger that accompanies the closing and opening movement of the mouth, which in turn can be sign of a laxity of the congenital or acquired ligaments. In the disc, a perforation can also be developed, which produces a typical sound during movement. Other conditions of traumatic origin or rheumatoid arthritis can push the parts of the joint to merge, preventing proper jaw movement.
The stress caused by an excessive and prolonged contact of the teeth between them, as happens for example in bruxism, can produce in the mandibular muscles a pain very similar to that caused by the temporomandibular dysfunction. On the other hand, patients present a combination of muscular and joint problems, and it is not by chance that the diagnosis of temporomandibular dysfunction can be complicated and require different diagnostic procedures.



The treatment of this dysfunction varies from dental care conservative to the application of plaques occlusalthe to unpack and redistribute the loads at the level of intra-articular, to the more complex surgery, which is necessary in the presence of an evident joint damage or when non-surgical treatment has not been successful. The surgery can take place in arthroscopy with a method identical to that used in orthopedics to inspect and treat the joints most as large as the knee, or the repair of the damaged tissue is performed with a surgical approach directly.


The Fields of action of maxillofacial surgery - dental Clinics in Albania.


  • Dental implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthognathic surgery - surgery of the tongue, palate and soft tissue of the mouth arthroscopy, temporomandibular and chirurgiadell'articulation
  • Surgery of inflammatory diseases of the jaw bone and face
  • Traumatology of the facial bones and soft tissues overlying.
  • Correction of malformations and deformities of the jaw bone and face
  • Surgery of the eye orbit (malformative, trauma, oncology, aesthetics)
  • Aesthetic surgery of the face as the lips
  • Reconstructive surgery of the bone of the jaw and the facial skeleton
  • Distraction osteogenetica of the facial bones and the jaw


Reconstructive microsurgery of bones, soft tissues and nerves with transplant rivascolarizzati from other parts of the body flaps free

The specific competence of the specialist will include, in addition to the medical preparation the general knowledge in the field of dentistry, the plastic surgery, theotolaryngology and neurosurgery. Some of the measures of maxillo-facial surgery are performed in-patient, day surgery or full professor, the most important in general anesthesia, possibly with nasal intubation or tracheostomy, given the complexity of the interventions, other interventions in the most simple, can be performed in outpatient settings.


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