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Dentists Albania - Endodontics, care of endodonto

Endodontic therapy also called root canal therapy or devitalization is the primary therapy also to eliminate cysts and granulomas.


Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves the care of the endodontus, or the space - present within each individual tooth in which the dental pulp consists of cells, blood vessels and nerves.

The endodontic treatment is an outpatient dental procedure that is necessary when the pulp the soft tissue inside the tooth is inflamed or infected due to a damage caused by a deep caries, by the result of interventions on the tooth, or by a trauma that has caused fracture or chipping or deep cracking.

What is devitalization?

Devitalization is a dental operation that consists in removing the pulp of a tooth and is included in endodontics, a branch of dentistry that deals with the therapy of the dental pulp, ie the space inside the tooth.

The tooth devitalization, or endodontic therapy, is necessary in cases where a lesion, due to caries or trauma, irreversibly changes the pulp tissue leading to necrosis.

Endodontic therapy is divided into two sub-categories

1 - Orthodontic endodontic therapy
Orthograde endodontics consists of several phases; Shaping with manual or mechanical endodontic instruments. Deterioration of root canals with irrigants e.g. hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite. Sealing of the canal with thermoplastic rubber (called Guttaperca). X-ray inspection.

2 - Retrograde endodontics
Retrograde endodontics is instead used when it is not possible to access the canal via orthograde endodontics, for example, when there is a channel obstruction.

Reaching the pulp chamber. The dental pulp, known as the nerve of the tooth, is a specialized tissue consisting of arteries, veins, nerve endings and connective cells

To disturb the pulp health, various pathological situations can occur, the most frequent being dental caries, ie the decalcification and progressive destruction of hard tooth tissues due to the action of microorganisms present in the bacterial plaque. If you do not intervene promptly, the cavity produced by the caries is enlarged and deepens and extends until the pulp is reached by bacteria with irreversible transformations due to infection. When it comes to this stage the conservative care that allows to keep the tooth avoiding the extraction is the endodontic therapy, or canal treatment or even more improperly devitalization. In general, endodontics aims to conserve teeth that have suffered serious damage to their structure, which has led to infection and necrosis of the pulp, with acute or chronic repercussions of the surrounding tissues, more or less painful. Modern endodontics uses sophisticated tools for diagnosis and therapy, such as the operating stereomicroscope, innovative biomaterials, instrumentation in special alloys.

What signs indicate the presence of a caries?

Caries can not give any early sign of its presence, or the symptoms are so mild that it does not cause concern. This happens especially in the first stages, but often even in the face of complete destruction of the tooth, the patient may not report any particular discomfort and show himself surprised by what happened without pain. Only with the periodic check-up by the dentist that must be carried out even in the absence of pain - it is possible to verify its presence from the very first stages and to intervene with an early and therefore limited therapy, minimizing the damage and avoiding sudden pains and urgent treatment. Pain, therefore, in the case of the teeth, is not a reliable warning signal nor an index of damage severity: the solution is the periodic visit to the dentist.

Albania Dent can help you not only for endodontics, but also for the whole range of dental care, dental implantology, prosthetics of all kinds, dental bleaching and oral hygiene.


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