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Dental prosthesis Albania

Dental prostheses are used to rehabilitate patients' oral functions by replacing missing natural teeth with artificial dental elements

Dentists Albania - Types of dental prosthesis


Fixed prosthesis replaces the natural dental elements with definitive and stable products. These are veneers, artificial substitute crowns of a single tooth and bridges replaced by more dental elements cemented to support pillars of natural contiguous teeth and therefore not removable by the patient.​

Mobile prosthesis replaces a part or the entire dental arch and can be removed by the patient for the purpose of daily hygiene.

The mobile prosthesis can be partial or total.
The partial mobile prosthesis anchored by hooks to the natural residual teeth or to attachments to natural teeth or artificial implants, is formed by a metallic structure from which it takes the name of skeleton. The presence of metal attachments allows to obtain a better level of functional and masticatory stability and involves one or more dental elements where the skeleton attacks are inserted.

The total resin prosthesis called denture replaces one or both dental arches resting only on the mucosa and on the patient's bone. Despite the stability of the prosthesis is compromised by gradual bone resorption such as to require regular "relapses" by the dentist and the masticatory efficacy is reduced compared to other prosthetic solutions, the total prosthesis still represents a cheaper and less complex solution to restore the patient's oral functions. The use of innovative composite materials and ceramics guarantees the functional, anallergic and aesthetic validity of the result.


The combined mobile prosthesis restores the effectiveness of the dental arch through the support of titanium teeth or implants.

The prosthesis is removable but fixed and made stable by anchoring devices that ensure long-term functionality. This type of device, fixed to artificial pins, offers the advantage of not releasing its masticatory force on the remaining teeth, progressively reducing its health and stability, as in the case of partial or skeletal prostheses.

Acrylic or metallic prosthesis complete

The total prosthesis replaces the total lack of teeth. The production depends on the anatomy of the jaw, which is formed after the extraction of the teeth. It can be completely acrylate, acrylic IVOCAP (acrylic quality prosthesis much more resistant than standard prosthesis) or WIRONIT metal prosthesis. For people hypersensitive to the hardness of the prosthesis, we offer the possibility of constructing dentures with a soft lower part, which adheres to the mucosa / gingiva, and by choice also in combination with the implant that is implanted in the bone structure.

These prostheses usually have a skeletal metal skeleton in their base that can be made of steel, the strongest and finest titanium alloy, gold-platinum combinations, as well as exclusive combinations of metals and acrylates. The teeth that we attach to the prosthesis can be classic, multicolored, ceramic and zirconium. Each of these combinations gives a better aesthetic and a naturalness to be envious.

Partial prosthesis Albania
A partial prosthesis replaces the lack of different teeth. It is built if there is no possibility of a bridge or if the patient decides to put a cheaper substitute. It can be completely acrylic, IVOCAP acrylic or WIRONIT metal prosthesis. They are possible prostheses 'without hooking', that is those that attach themselves to etecmen fixation, telescopically two crowns or Dolder base that is invisible to the human eye, and facilitates the use of the prosthesis. Before delivery to the patient, on a very thin titanium base, the ceramic is placed on the teeth, and on the body of the prosthesis a material in the color of the patient's gums.



With the discovery of new materials and work techniques new materials have been discovered that do not cause allergic reactions. The allergic reaction can be limited burning and edema of the mucus in the oral cavity where there is the prosthesis, or greater, when you can see blisters on the body, dripping of the continuous nose, itching, and so on. We also note similar examples in people who, as a chemical component of their bridges, present nickel.

Our dentists in Albania specialize in solving the problem that cause allergic reactions by applying antiallergic materials.

For people allergic to the hardness of dental prosthesis materials, there is the possibility of a new prosthesis with a soft lower part or with the insertion of special soft materials in your old prosthesis. The result is that the denture no longer bother, does not cause irritation and rubbing wounds, you can finally enjoy your daily life without feeling uncomfortable because of prosthesis not comfortable, aesthetically unpleasant and embarrassing for you.

In addition to constructing the new denture, Albanian dentists also perform repairs to existing old prosthetics, or make changes to make the prosthesis sit better in the oral cavity.

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